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Receive High QualityTreatment, Fast

                                by Visiting Our Urgent Care Center

Vista Immediate Care is an urgent care clinic that provides primary and urgent care. We provide high-quality medical care that is fast, convenient, and affordable.  We treat conditions that require immediate attention but are not life threatening or severe enough to be cared for in the emergency room. 

Contact our medical clinic at (760) 295-7677 for more details about the medical conditions we treat.

Urgent Care

  • No Insurance Needed
  • Flat fee of $90 for most acute conditions
  • Never receive a bill in the mail
  • Walk-ins are welcome!
  • No appointment needed
  • Lab services available
  • HSA's accepted
  • Costs are typically less than half of most Physician Office Visits
  • We can save you hundreds of dollars off of an emergency room visit
  • We are a great alternative when your regular primary care provider's (PCP) office is closed or when you cannot wait for the next available appointment.
  • Great option for people with high deductible insurance 
  • Sorry, MediCal not accepted


Some examples of common acute conditions are:

 • Colds&Coughs
 • Earaches
 • Sinus Infections
 • Bronchitis
 • Pink eye
 • Skin infections
 • Rashes
 • Nausea
 • Dizzyness

• Diarrhea
• Minor Injuries
• Muscle strains
• Wounds Requiring Stitching
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Removal of warts, moles,
  skin tags
• Back pain
• Medication Refills


We are now doing sleep studies.
If you have been feeling fatigued, poorly rested, or snore loudly, these could be signs of a serious medical condition.

About Us
Vista Immediate Care is a new urgent care clinic in Vista, CA. It is our goal to provide you with the high-quality care you need with shorter wait times and fewer forms. Our medical director is a graduate of John Hopkins University and the University of Connecticut.