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             Receive Fast High QualityTreatment

                                by Visiting Our Urgent Care Office

    Vista Immediate Care is a Concierge and Urgent Care Medical Office. We provide high-quality medical care that is fast, convenient, and affordable. We treat conditions that require immediate attention, but if the physician feels it is severe enough, he will refer you to the emergency room.

Contact our Medical Office at (760) 295-7677 for more details about the medical conditions we treat.

Urgent Care

  • No Insurance Accepted - ALL forms, including Auto and Medi-Cal
  • Consultation fee STARTS at $90 for MOST ACUTE conditions
  • We do not bill, payment is DUE at the time of service
  • PLEASE call first; DON'T just walk in 
  • Appointments generally available, PLEASE call our office first
  • Off site Lab and Imaging services available (CASH PRICES)
  • HSA's accepted
  • Generic Medications available for most conditions treated
  • We can save you hundreds of dollars off of an Emergency Room visit
  • We are a great alternative when your regular Primary Care Physician's (PCP) office is closed or when you cannot wait for the next available appointment.
  • Great option for people with high deductible insurance 
  • Controlled Substances must be picked up at a Pharmacy, we do not carry in office


Some examples of common acute conditions are:

 • Colds & Coughs
 • Ear Aches
 • Sinus Infections
 • Bronchitis
 • Pink Eye
 • Skin Infections
 • Rashes
 • Nausea
 • Pain Control without Narcotics

• Diarrhea
• IV Treatments
• Muscle Strains
• Sutures/Stitches
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Removal of Warts, Moles, &
  Skin Tags
• Back Pain
• Medication Refills


About Us
        Vista Immediate Care is a Concierge/Urgent Care Office in Vista, CA. It is our goal to provide you with the high-quality care you need with shorter wait times and fewer forms. Our medical director, JEFFREY YUSIM MD, is a graduate of SGUSOM, Grenada West Indies.